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The Issues & How They Affect You

TREPAC champions numerous issues that impact private-property owners. Below we explore some of those issues and how they impact you.

Taxes on real estate transactions

Increasing the cost of housing with taxes burdens you and hurts the state’s economy.

Mandatory sales-price disclosure

Providing full disclosure of real estate sales to appraisal districts is usually the first step toward taxing real estate transactions.

Homeowners associations (HOAs)

Reforming laws controlling HOAs prevents them from overreaching their bylaws, stigmatizing communities and hurting local real estate markets.

Eminent domain

Preventing government seizure of land creates safeguards for private-property owners.

County rule-making authority

Ensuring the power counties have over land use doesn’t restrict growth.



Infrastructure: Transportation

Addressing the state’s growing infrastructure problem is critical to a healthy economy.

Infrastructure: Energy

Adding new capacity from diverse sources will ensure Texas continues to grow.

Infrastructure: Water

Securing adequate water supplies is essential to maintain Texas’ economic strength now—and in the future.

Rental registration

Protecting owners from inconsistent community ordinances that require them to pay a fee for the registration and inspection of their rental properties.

Property-tax lenders

Examining how to increase consumer protection against unlicensed entities, exorbitant fees and deceptive marketing tactics.

The Texas Real Estate Commission

Supporting TREC’s efforts to enhance ethics, consumer protection and transparency in the real estate process.