Improving the quality of life in your community.

For TREPAC, neighborhoods are a top priority–they are the heart of Texas. That’s why we get involved with and fight for local issues by supporting candidates that impact the way city governments make decisions that affect you and your quality of life.

Over the years, TREPAC has fought—and won—issues in your own backyard, including:



Leon Valley

An intrusive ordinance would have essentially created a city-wide HOA administered by the local government and placed limits on residents’ property rights of what they could display in their front yards.

Corpus Christi

A misguided economic development policy would have virtually eliminated any future commercial waterfront leases or development opportunities in the city’s downtown business district.



Mandatory and very costly point-of-sale energy upgrades proposed by the City Council would have created unfavorable conditions for homeowners and been detrimental to the city’s economy.